Sunday, July 5, 2009

Arriving in New Delhi... confused and jetlagged

So this is my second attempt to put this up. The first time it was erased, so let's try again!

Arriving in New Delhi was good. I woke up early the day of my flight, packed and ready to head out for the plane flight. I was there early so I just sat around waiting for the gate to open up. The weather was both nice in New York and London so both of my flights were good. There were movies, games and TV shows so I had a good time just using that. I saw Mall Cop while on the flight and about 20 minutes of Bolt. The Heathrow Airport was very interesting. It took me about 1/2 hour to get to my second gate and that was even in the same terminal. On my way to London, a lady on my flight flipped out on some lady behind her, on my aisle, because she was on her cellphone. She said that she was putting all of our lives in danger by using her cellphone or 'mobile phone' yet our plane was still refueling, definitely overreacted. The flight to New Delhi was long but fine and was happy when I finally landed in the capital of India.

When I got out of the plane, I was so surprised with how people reacted to the whole Swine flu thing. The staff in the airport wore masks and I was looked at a couple of times as if I was the starter of the outbreak. We were made to sign papers saying that we didn't have Swine flu or any of the symptoms. (One of the volunteers told me that the baby in front of them on the line started coughing and the nurses made the people behind and in front of the baby wear masks while they pulled aside the mother and the baby). I was picked up by the CCS driver and was surprised by the different first sights of India. The traffic in India is insane it's like being on the insane level of Frogger, Jai Ho was on the radio on the car ride, the driver's side is on the right hand side, a motorcycle can be a family vehicle for 4 and the India heat is crazy. It was really hot when I got here, around 111 but it reached on different days 113 and 116 while I was in New Delhi.

I got to meet some of the volunteers that had been in Dharamsala for 6 weeks and it was cool to talk to them. I just spent the day relaxing around the house trying to stay out of the Indian heat and slept through dinner so I was so tired. So yeah, jetlag + heat = India day one.

I got some really cool pictures over near Kabul, Afghanistan on my way into India of some mountain/ sand dunes things but apparently the picture doesn't download maybe later.

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  1. Isn't India amazing? I found it to be such a confusing, overwhelming and beautiful country. I can't wait to hear more about your experiences!