Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dharamsala, India 2009!

So Dharamsala, India!?! Who would have thought that I, a student from the Bronx would be traveling to the Himalayan Mountains in India? WHY did I want to go to India? WHAT will I do there? These are the questions I asked my myself as I started searching for internships to be a part of this summer. I did not know exactly where I wanted to go, but I knew that I wanted to go somewhere!

It was time I took advantage and "left my nest". I started searching through various websites of different internship and volunteer groups that I could join. Then I came across Cross Cultural Solutions, it was what I wanted! It was either between World Teach and Cross Cultural Solutions. Even though the latter was the more expensive, I was determined to make my dream to travel come true.

I looked at the different countries and decided India! I was always a bit interested about the Indian culture. We always talked about Hinduism in school and once I read
Life of a Pi for my English class in High School, I became more interested with Hinduism and its relation to other religions. Mainly, Hindi struck me as intriguing and it was fascinating to me. The script was different, the sounds were different; it was a linguistic adventure! I signed up for CCS (Cross Cultural Solutions) and decided that Dharamsala, India would be a great and amazing place to go to!

Once I was set on the idea, I began to endlessly search for scholarships and other forms of aid such as funds and grants.Luckily, after all the hard, long months I've been able to raise the entire fee! Which was quite a hefty amount! Now I just need to worry about the plane flight and spending money and I am well on my way to Dharamsala, India! I think that's all for now!

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