Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sick to my stomach...[literally]

Today was the start of pretty much a chain reaction or domino effect. Today was the day that I got sick, and I didn't pass it to other people; but it was pretty much the start of everyone else as well.

Being sick here is totally different, all the new bacteria and what not I guess taking its toll on your body really is different than being sick back home. I had to miss placement because I was sick, and it was only the second day of being here in Dharamsala. The staff says that most people get sick because of the adjustment. The altitude, the food and just everything in general takes a toll on your body the first week you're here. Gatorade really helps out when you're sick because the sound is of food is upsetting. You don't want to eat or even see food; and the thought of actually trying to digest it turns your stomach upside down. I just laid in bed today getting some rest.

How I hate being sick!

-July 1, 2009

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